Fillers for Asymmetry & Loss of Volume

While many people use facial fillers to soften lines, folds and wrinkles, they’re also great for those who want to improve loss of volume that happens as we age or lose a lot of weight. Fillers can also help achieve balance and symmetry to asymmetrical facial features. As a leading figure in full-face non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Dr Nick Sinden can create a bespoke plan to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Contact our team today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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Facial Fillers vs Surgery

While both options are worth considering, many people prefer fillers over surgery because of the reduced risk. Surgery offers a more permanent solution, but this is only ideal if you will be completely satisfied with the results. Fillers, on the other hand, are temporary and can be dissolved. Some of the other benefits of facial fillers include:

  • A less invasive treatment
  • Quicker recovery with less downtime
  •  Less risk and fewer complications
  • Generally a lot cheaper than surgery, with prices starting from £220 (subject to change)

Ways Facial Fillers Can Improve Volume and Symmetry

Fillers can target specific areas of the face, they can fix imbalances, add and enhance contours, fill in hollow areas and add volume to restore and rejuvenate. These are the most popular ways that people use fillers to improve volume and facial symmetry:

  • Chin Fillers – If you’re unsatisfied with the shape or depth of your chin, then chin fillers are a minimally invasive enhancement that can improve the definition and bring a more balanced profile to the chin. By doing so, you also add definition and improve proportions while correcting asymmetries. Chin fillers are an excellent choice if you’re searching for a non-surgical option to enhance the shape of your chin.
  • Contouring and Profile Balancing – Dr Nick uses facial fillers to reshape, balance and augment the contours of your face around the cheeks, mid-face and chin to help you achieve your ideal look.
  • Volume Restoration – People lose volume with age or weight loss, while others naturally have certain features like sunken under-eye areas. Facial fillers can restore volume to specific areas of the face, making everything smoother and more symmetrical.
  • Fixing Proportions – Dr Nick will assess your anatomy and decide which features of your face are best to target with fillers. By doing so, we can fix the proportions and make each feature of your face more visually balanced.
  • Brow Lift – A non-surgical brow lift with fillers is a subtle yet transformative procedure that targets both sagging and asymmetrical eyebrows. Facial fillers can be injected into crucial areas around the brows, contributing to a more alert and youthful appearance.

Reshape Yourself

You deserve the look you’ve always wanted, and facial fillers provide so many options to get you there. While many will use them just to soften wrinkles, you can also change the size and shape of certain features, all without drastic surgery. Elevate Medical Aesthetics offers bespoke treatments to patients at our Wakefield clinic. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you with a full assessment to help you decide exactly how you want to look. Best of all, this consultation is completely free and comes with no obligation. Contact our clinic today if you’re interested in a more symmetrical face.


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