Intimate body peel

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Intimate body peel treatments carried out by professionals.

intimate body peel wakefield
intimate body peel wakefield


What is a Intimate body peel

The intimate body peel Yorkshire at Elevate Medical Aesthetics helping to improve pigmentation, brighten and rejuvenate the skin on the delicate genital and anal regions. This intimate body peel is suitable for both men and women. Anal and vaginal bleaching treatment improves hyper-pigmentation around vagina or groin area, as well as around the anus. Procedure will be carried out by our medical aesthetics professional to ensure discreet and comforting experience.

How does the intimate treatment work

Usually, a course of 4 treatments would be recommended of anal/vaginal bleaching,
spaced between 1 – 2 weeks apart, along with some homecare products that are to
be used according to your therapist’s advice. Your personal Treatment Coordinator
will discuss your own bespoke intimate body peel Yorkshire treatment plan with you,
establishing the best course of action to achieve the optimum results.

Which type of skin concerns does the intimate peel target?

It can be used from the pubic area around to the anal area on women and from the
groin to the anal area on men. As well as improving pigmentation, the Intimate Body
Peel also works to rejuvenate and brighten the skin similar to the results of a facial
skin peel.

Treatment Time

30-45 minutes


Downtime Needed

Minimum up to a day






  • Improving the skin’s pigmentation
  • Rejuvenating the colour
  • Lightening the skin


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