Love Handles

Many find that love handles (those pesky fat deposits around the abdomen) often resist change even with diet and exercise. Various aesthetic treatments can help you achieve a smoother, more contoured waistline.

Elevate Medical Aesthetics offers body contouring treatments by T-Shape to help patients reduce the appearance of stubborn fat pockets. Book a free, no-obligation consultation today to discover how to lose those love handles!

What Causes Love Handles? Where Do They Appear?

Love handles are what we lovingly refer to as excess fat deposits around the waistline and hips. They occur when the body stores more energy in the form of fat than it burns through activity. This could be caused by a diet high in unhealthy fats, sugars and calories combined with little exercise. However, genetics play a significant role, as certain body types may be more prone to stubborn fat deposits. Age-related hormonal and metabolism changes can also make it harder to maintain a lean physique through diet and exercise alone.

Love handles typically appear on the sides of the abdomen, extending around the back and sometimes the lower back area. They’re often called “muffin tops” because the excess fat spilling over the top of your pants resembles muffins spilling over their paper cups when baking.

How to Lose Love Handles

The innovative Contour & Fix by T-Shape system combines laser, radiofrequency and vacuum suction technologies to target and reduce stubborn fat deposits. The laser technology breaks down the fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body. Radiofrequency energy stimulates new collagen production, promoting skin tightening to improve the treated area’s texture and tone. The vacuum suction technology further aids the circulation and lymphatic drainage process, making this a holistic, non-invasive approach.

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Our Yorkshire clinic has helped countless patients elevate their confidence through safe, effective aesthetic treatments such as Contour & Fix by T-Shape. Give us a call, send us an email or fill out our contact form to see how you can reduce your muffin top. Feel better about your appearance with a contoured waistline!

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